Season 2, Episode 2 - What Brits really think of Japanese culture

Charlie Baxter

By Charlie Baxter

Season 2
In this episode Charlie has a brilliant conversation with the one and only Chris Broad from Abroad in Japan. Get it? Clever Chris. If you want to know what Japanese culture looks like through the eyes of a British person who has been living abroad in Japan since 2012 then look no further! 
You'll get to learn more about British people, Japanese culture and how British people perceive the Japanese. 
If you wanted more information on Chris then you can go to his YouTube Channel here. He recently made an amazing series travelling across Japan, seriously impressive production value! You can watch Episode 1 here.
He also puts out 2 podcast episodes a week over on the Abroad In Japan Podcast and then if you are ever thinking of visiting Japan then his website is an absolute gold mine of travel resources. →
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Podcast host: Charlie:
This will be quite a bit harder for you to understand, as there are a number of accents in the conversation, some poorly delivered at times, as you will notice.

Podcast host: Charlie:
But the aim is to give you a variety of dialects in one conversation and some dialogue to give you native expressions in context. So enter, if you will, to Charlie's pub and his imaginary world.

Character: Mike:
Alright geezer, how's it going?

Character: Chris:
Yes, I'm well thanks. How about you? Have you had a good day?

Character: Mike:
Can't say good mate. No my old man he's been giving me a right old earful for what happened on site last week.

Character: Chris:
Oh that's a pity. Are you back on your dad's building project again?

Character: Mike:
Sad to say mate, but yeah, I am. Couldn't resist this one though. Cash in hand, you know.

Character: Chris:
Oh fair play, hard to resist those I imagine. Oh, here she is.

Character: Emily:
Oh, hi.

Character: Chris:
I was wondering if you're ever going to join us tonight.

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