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Transcript of Episode 1 - Introduction, Premium Podcast Player Trial

You're listening to the British English podcast, a show that helps English learners around the world discover British culture along with useful language, that natives are actually using day to day with me, your host, Charlie Baxter. I'll be recording a variety of episodes in this podcast. Some will be a One-Man show focussing on a specific bit of British culture or British English language, whilst others will be conversational with guests on the podcast. If you are a fan of my YouTube channel called Real English with Real Teachers that I have been running with my good friend Harry Gyles, then you'll be pleased to know that he will be a guest on this podcast multiple times. And if you've never heard of my YouTube channel, then I highly recommend watching it, especially if you are an intermediate to advanced English learner wanting some light-hearted education. So in this introductory episode, I sit down with Harry, who is also a British English teacher, and we discuss our journey to becoming online content creators for English learners. Now...

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Understand native-level,
fast spoken English

Build a larger vocabulary 
so you can have more 
complex conversations

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