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Discover precisely what your recent English level test results mean and learn how to improve quickly with Charlie's detailed analysis.
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Have you ever wondered what sets fast learners apart from the rest?

It’s their ability to learn from their mistakes.

If you're ready to make a change towards your approach to language learning in order to make real progress at your level, then it's time to appreciate the power of understanding your errors and transforming them into learning opportunities.

The Secret to Fast Progress:

It’s not about cramming in 100 podcast episodes or booking countless speaking classes. The true secret to mastering English, at your level, lies in acknowledging your mistakes, understanding why you made them, and learning how to avoid them in the future.
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Celebrate Your Mistakes

Every mistake you make is a wonderful opportunity to learn and grow. Instead of brushing them off, celebrate them! Each error is a clue that can guide you to a deeper understanding of the language and prevent future mistakes.

Be Different!

In today’s fast-paced world, we often move quickly from one task to the next, missing valuable learning moments. By taking the time to analyze your mistakes, you’ll not only improve your English skills but also start to see that this way of thinking can show up in other areas of your life.
This detailed analysis doesn’t stop at showing you which answers were right or wrong.

I dive deep into the reasoning behind your choices. We help you ask the critical questions:

Why did I choose that answer?

What rule or understanding led me to make that mistake?

What do I need to learn or relearn so that I don't make that mistake again?

A Review Designed for You:

I’ve created a comprehensive review of the English test you recently went through. With my guidance, you’ll learn from every single mistake you made. By understanding the why behind each error, you’ll be able to avoid them in the future and see real, lasting improvement.
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Charlie, Why Does This Help Me So Much?

As an intermediate to advanced English speaker, it’s harder to see tangible progress. This deep dive review offers a clear path to overcoming that plateau and seeing those satisfying improvements  happen again in your journey.

Benefits of this deep dive into your English test!

Detailed explanations for each test question

Insights into all mistakes and their corrections

Feedback tailored to your specific needs

Why You Should Trust Charlie with Your Earholes

I'm not saying I'm the Beyoncé of English teaching, but I do have some 'credentials' that might tickle your fancy.

Academic Rigour

I've got a degree in Psychology and a fancy certificate in NLP. While I can't quite read people's minds I do have a good handle on how to make learning easier for you.

The Tense Tamer

I've been correcting present tense mishaps in favour of the illustrious present perfect since 2013. If I had a pound for every time a student confused 'I do' with 'I have done,' I’d be... doing this still because I love it. But maybe—just maybe—I'd be doing it from a slightly more ergonomic chair.

Collaborations & Guests

Ever heard of Netflix? Channel 4 in the UK? Yep, we've had presenters from those media giants on the show!

Numerically Validated, Because Numbers Never Lie, Right?

The podcast has hit the 5 million download mark, which is almost as many cups of tea the average Brit drinks in a lifetime. Now, that's saying something!

Celebrity Status?

I'm not saying I'm famous, but I was spotted by two separate parties at a restaurant in Brighton once. While people say your wedding day is the best day of your life, I ask, "Have you ever been fangirled in Brighton?"

YouTube "Fame"

If you're more of a visual learner, you might already know me from "Real English With Real Teachers"—a YouTube channel with over 200k subscribers.

3 Stats about Charlie's Teaching:

Years of Experience

Online Learners

Hours of content
No one likes a bragger but as you can see I’m an experienced English language teacher who has helped a lot of learners improve their English. My approach is tried and tested, designed to provide you with the highest quality guidance and support.


Loads of Charlie's students have already improved their British English vocabulary with his learning aids.


It is time-consuming to do your own flashcards. Charlie does it for you! So you can just learn all the vocabulary whilst using the flashcards and you just cannot finish without knowing some vocabulary. I’m just so impressed by the flashcards.


You can learn so many words used by the native British people from the contents. That I don’t think you can find in any text books being used at school. 


It's worth it because it’s a great way to level up your english very fast, it’s suitable for everyday use… (you’ll not going to expose yourself with the phrase it’s raining cats & dogs:-). And not boring.


I can learn English expressions and phrases that are spoken in daily basis, so that allows me to practice more naturally in my conversation and I think that is amazing. 👍🏻
APRIL 2022


Lovely vocabularies and phrasal verbs I can get my hands on.


I’m an English teacher working in Hong Kong. It has been helping me a lot and my colleagues in the school are kind of you know asking me why are you sounding so British?
APRIL 2022


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 Charlie’s "Confidence Booster Money-Back Guarantee"

I believe in the power of learning from your mistakes and am confident that this detailed analysis will significantly improve your English skills. To prove my commitment to your success, I offer an 100% guarantee:

Learn From Your Mistakes, or Get Your Money Back!

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However, if after 30 days, you don’t feel your understanding and usage of English has improved, I’ll give you a FULL refund.

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If you find that this deep dive into your test results doesn’t deliver the results you expected, simply reach out within 30 days of your purchase. We will process your refund promptly, no questions asked.

Why This Guarantee?

Confidence in Quality:

I know my methods work and I stand by their effectiveness.

Your Success Matters:

I want you to succeed and am willing to take the risk to prove it.

Trust and Transparency:

I believe in building trust with my students by offering complete transparency and commitment to your satisfaction.

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From Errors to Excellence:

A Deep Dive into Your English Test