Season 1, Episode 8 - British University Lifestyle

Dec 1 / Charlie Baxter

By Charlie Baxter

Season 1
In this episode I have a conversation with Martin from Rock N Roll English who has a very similar aim in his teaching style to me so if you like my stuff then he is definitely worth checking out!

As Martin also went to University in the UK, I decided to ask him about three areas of interest. These were: nightlife, accommodation and campus lifestyle.

We found out some interesting things out about each other, highlighted the culture behind British people going to University and of course some great expressions along the way.Join us in exploring the student lifestyle of a typical British lad around 2010 and the expressions that came out of this episode.

If you’d like to listen to part 2 and 3 of this episode then check out The Academy or The Premium Podcast.

To get more from Martin then head over to his website or you can listen to the episode I did with him on his podcast by clicking here. You can also search “Rock N’ Roll English” on any podcast app like Spotify or Apple Podcasts to enjoy his amazing content for English learners.

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Transcript of Episode 8 - British University Lifestyle Premium Podcast Player

Hello and welcome back to the British English podcast. My name is Charlie Baxter and this podcast is for non-native English learners from around intermediate to advance learners who want to better understand British, English and British culture. And today, guys, I have got a wonderful guest who comes from England. He's residing in Italy at the moment, but he does a fantastic podcast as well, because obviously mine is fantastic, but his is bloody fantastic. And he goes by the name of Martin. Martin, how are you doing today?

Very well, thank you, Charlie. Thank you very much for inviting me. Very pleased to be here.

Oh, my honour. And yes, Martin does the podcast called Rock N Roll English. I've listened to it for quite some time and my YouTube partner Harry has managed to feature on there already. I feel like that was, what, six months ago now.

You know what I think it was almost exactly one year ago, because I remember Harry asked me how old I was and I said I was 34, but I was very nearly 35. But you don't want to, you know, don't want to round that up. Don't do you don't want to go to the highest number. Not in your 30s. No, definitely not. Maybe maybe when you're 17. Sure. Because then you can be 18 and go to a pub but not in the 30s. And I remember thinking maybe Charlie's going to ask me how old I am. So again, do I want to round that up to thirty six or stay solid at 35?

Well it does make me want to say happy birthday for when it when it is. When is the big day.

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