Season 1, Episode 7 - How Cricket Has Influenced British Culture & Language

Nov 17 / Charlie Baxter

By Charlie Baxter

Season 1
In this episode Charlie has a conversation with Harry all about a sport that has influenced British culture and our language. That is cricket. Or should I say, “that’s not cricket”! 
Join us in exploring the expressions that come from cricket. Even if you don’t like sports this one is a good episode to listen to as it will hep you better understand the British people and the language we use.

If you’d like to listen to part 2 and 3 of this episode then check out The Academy or The Premium Podcast.

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Transcript of Episode 7 - Cricket, Premium Podcast Player Trial.mp3

Hello. Hello. Fancy seeing you here for Episode seven of Season one of the British English podcast.

I feel like we've come a long way together. We're coming towards the end of season one. Can you believe it? This episode is a conversation between myself and my YouTube partner slash great friend Harry. And we go for a combo of culture and language. This podcast, it does exactly what it says on the tin. And if you get that phrase, then I'm very impressed. It will take a while to explain that one. So I'll save that one for the academy. But yes, we talk about the common idioms we use in our day to day lives that are based on a sport that has had a huge impact on our culture and even cultures around the world.

And, of course, the English language. It's a particularly funny one. So please don't listen to this when maybe lifting weights as that could cause serious injuries, I imagine. And if you're on public transport, then get ready for some awkward glances as you're going to look like the nutter on the bus laughing at nothing, especially if you've got an inconspicuous, solitary air pod tucked away in the ear that is hidden from your fellow travellers. They're going to think you're crazy.

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