Season 1, Episode 4 - Two Brits Talk About Ageing

Sep 30 / Charlie Baxter

By Charlie Baxter

Season 1
In this episode your host Charlie has a lighthearted discussion with his favourite English Teacher Harry Gyles. The talk starts by comparing the results of the ageing app called Face App and ends up going in all sorts of directions. We hope you enjoy the conversation, improve your listening skills and get some new native expressions.

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Transcript of Episode 4 - Two Brits Discuss Ageing, Premium Podcast Player Trial

Hello and welcome back to another episode of the British English podcast, a show that helps English learners around the world discover British culture along with useful language that natives are actually using day to day. With me, your host, Charlie Baxter. In this episode, you'll be glad to hear that it isn't just Irene and myself in your ears as we are graced with the company of Harry, who was in the first episode of this podcast. Now, if you listened to that introductory episode, then you will know that Harry is also a British English teacher who I have worked with on the YouTube channel called Real English with Real Teachers for several years. But more importantly, he is a best friend that I have known for over ten years. And we decided to give you a conversational episode on a particular topic that we are all, in fact, whether we like it or not, doing every minute of the day. Some people do a lot to counter this topic and others, well, they do exactly the opposite.

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