Bonus Episode 2 - Growing up in the UK in the 90s

Charlie Baxter
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By Charlie Baxter

The Bonus Episodes
This episode is with Harry who kindly joined in to discuss what it was like growing up in the UK.

This topic was chosen as communication is often based on references and memories. So knowing a little about what life was like as a young person in the UK should help you to feel more comfortable when talking with native British people.
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Transcript of Premium Podcast Player Trial - Bonus Ep 2

So the noughties, the noughties began when Harry and I turned 10, so we had a decade living in the 90s and boy, did we tear it up, didn't we Harry?

Oh, yeah, oh, yeah, we were crazy kids, crazy kids getting into trouble, and that's exactly what tear it up means, isn't it if you you're tearing it up. It's like you're you're having lots of fun and maybe getting into trouble.

Mm hmm.

So you said, boy, boy, did we tear it up. It's quite common to say boy at the start to to emphasise it. Boy, did we tear it up.

Yeah. Could you say, girl,

Turn up the volume girl.

Well, you could you could be like, hey girl.

You could. You could. Yeah.

You go girl.

You go girl. Yes. Yeah. These are, these are things that people say.

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