Charlie's Online Speaking Classes

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Why should you take classes with Charlie?

Charlie has been helping intermediate-advanced English language learners like you for the past six years, from all over the world. Here are three things he's discovered after teaching over 4,000 lessons:
  • Language learning is a journey that should be enjoyed along the way
  • Creating real connections with natives helps your passion for the language to grow.
  • Chasing language fluency causes frustration. Aim to be a confident speaker and the fluency will follow.

Charlie's lessons are most effective for students who are one or more of the following:   

  • A B1-C1 (Intermediate-Advanced) English Learner
  • Wanting to break beyond the intermediate speaking plateau
  • Are feeling "stuck" but don't know what more you can do to improve.
  • Wanting to bring your language studies to life!

Charlie's Track Record

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