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Are you determined to score a 7+ on the IELTS Speaking Exam? Our IELTS Speaking Course transforms the daunting into the doable, and guess what? It's fun! Say goodbye to the fear of unfamiliar topics and the struggle of speaking at length. 

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Why Our IELTS Speaking Course?

- Targeted Learning: Addressing common fears such as unpredictable questions, our course equips you to tackle any topic with confidence.

- Advanced Vocabulary Mastery: Learn advanced vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, and phrasal verbs tailored for IELTS through engaging videos and interactive tools.

- Extended Speaking Practice: Overcome the challenge of Part 2 and 3 with strategies to speak fluently without pauses, ensuring you can confidently express your thoughts.

- Cost-Effective Preparation: Get all the benefits of personalized practice without the high cost of one-on-one tutoring.

Your Success Blueprint:

1. Model Answers: Begin with entertaining videos of model answers featuring advanced vocabulary and complex grammar for a 7+ score.

2. Interactive Vocabulary Training: Harry & Charlie break down each answer to highlight the language focus, making vocabulary building enjoyable and memorable.

3. Personal Practice: It's your turn to shine! Practice answering questions with the aid of technology for reflection and improvement.

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Are there enough opportunities to apply what you are learning?

100% of students responded "yes"

Are the explanations of concepts clear?

100% of students responded "yes"

Are you learning valuable information?

100% of students responded "yes"

Minutes taught


Active Students


IELTS Specific Phrases

- ENROLLED 10/05/21 -

Location: CHINA

"I was struggling with finding the expressions that are down to earth during my last IELTS speaking test, now I am not only enjoying this course but also in love with these extracted essence of British speaking logic."
- ENROLLED 06/04/21 -

Location: Mexico

"My life has changed enormously since I discovered Harry! I have taken classes with him live and he is a professional. The British accent is essential if you are looking to understand the language from its original source."
- ENROLLED 12/03/21 -

Location: United Kingdom

  • Valuable information
  • Accurate course description
  • Knowledgeable instructor
  • Clear explanations
  • Helpful practice activities
  • Engaging delivery
- ENROLLED 21/09/19 -

Location: Russia

  • Engaging delivery
  • Accurate course description
  • Knowledgeable instructor
  • Clear explanations
  • Valuable information
  • Helpful practice activities
- ENROLLED 08/11/20 -

Location: India

  • Helpful practice activities
  • Engaging delivery
  • Accurate course description
  • Knowledgeable instructor
  • Clear explanations
  • Valuable information

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Try it risk free with our 14-day money back guarantee

Frequently asked questions

What can I expect after completing the IELTS Speaking Course?

After completing the course, you can expect to:
  • Confidently answer any IELTS speaking question.
  • Use advanced vocabulary, idioms, and phrasal verbs relevant to the IELTS topics.
  • Speak at length during Part 2 and Part 3 of the exam without unnecessary pauses.
  • Give high-scoring responses confidently across various topics.
  • Use advanced grammar to impress your examiner.
  • Aim for a score of 7 or above in the IELTS Speaking section.

Will this course help if I have no knowledge about certain IELTS topics?

Yes! The course is designed to equip you with the skills to answer any question, no matter how unfamiliar the topic may seem.

How does the course help build advanced vocabulary?

Through fun and interactive vocabulary review videos, and practice exercises, you'll not only learn advanced vocabulary but also how to effectively use it in your responses.

Is there a way to practice speaking without paying for 1-1 lessons?

Absolutely. The course offers you the opportunity to practice answering questions and provides tools to help you reflect on your answers, all without the need for expensive 1-1 lessons.

What if I'm not satisfied with the course?

We offer a 14-day 100% money-back guarantee. If you're not satisfied for any reason, simply reach out to our support team at [email protected] for a refund.

How are Harry and Charlie qualified to teach this course?

Harry and Charlie are passionate English teachers with over 16 years of combined experience teaching English as a foreign language, both in-person and online. They have utilized their expertise to create this comprehensive course.

How is this course different from traditional 1-1 lessons?

Our course is a cost-effective alternative to traditional lessons, providing you with all the materials and interactive practice you need from the comfort of your home, saving you potentially thousands in tutoring fees.

What is the teaching method of the course?

We've developed a simple yet powerful learning process designed for non-native speakers to make fast progress with their IELTS preparation. The course includes model answers, vocabulary teaching, and personal practice,

How long does it take to see progress?

Progress depends on your commitment, but with our structured learning path, you can see tangible improvements quite rapidly. The course is flexible, allowing you to learn at your own pace while ensuring you make steady progress.

Are there practical exercises included in the course?

Yes, we emphasize active learning. After learning with our model answers and vocabulary sessions, you'll have the opportunity to practice answering questions yourself and use technology to review your responses.

What support will I get during the course?

You'll have access to our support team for any technical or course-related queries. Plus, you'll learn directly from Charlie and Harry, experienced and passionate English teachers.

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